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What our visitors say


“Football has the power to build bridges between people, regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender and social background. Football creates a positive attitude to life, especially among children, and conveys values that are needed throughout life. ACAKORO is a perfect example of how the power of football can help children growing up in disadvantaged circumstances. “

Dr. Leo Winter

Former President of Austrian Football Association

ACAKORO is a great example for what sports can achieve! This football academy has achieved so much in and for Kenya! It is amazing how ACAKORO combines academic education and sports. Its holistic approach opens doors for children from a humble background and make one understand how important sports for development projects are. ACAKORO’s holistic approach is also key for the success of this project.“

AMB. Dr. Amina Mohamed

Minister of Cultural Heritage and Sports Kenya

„For me it is clear that ACAKORO, located in one of the biggest and poorest urban informal settlements in the world, is absolutely worth of support. Its work contains everything it takes to work towards the SDGs in a sustainable way.“

Senator a. D. Wilfried Lemke

Former Special Advisor to the Secretary General of the UN on Sports for Development and Peace

“ACAKORO is a beacon of hope in one of the most desperate places I have seen. I met several children of the ACAKORO program and it was amazing how different they were from their age peers. They were self-confident, respectful, cooperative and with a contagiously positive attitude to life. This behavior in the midst of such a poor environment must be perceived as extraordinary.”

Dr. Harald Günther

Austrian Ambassador to Kenya (2014-2018)

“We were deeply impressed by the ACAKORO project for several reasons. First, football is used as a tool to take boys and girls off the streets. Secondly, every day the children are engaged in sports and develop a sense of togetherness. And third: The sporting talents of the children are promoted in the best possible way, so that on a case-by-case basis mere talent can also become a profession.”

Mirja Sachs

Founder of the Mirja-Sachs-Stiftung

„ACAKORO has an incredible story to tell! It is about overcoming all obstacels and reaching the actually impossible. What the kids of ACAKORO have already achieved despite their very disadvantaged environment is incredible! Their self-confidence gives them an absolutely positive view of the world and their lives. I think we adults can still learn a lot from these ACAKORO kids! “

Idah Waringa

Sports Journalist

„ACAKORO is a wonderful project! What was created here in the middle of the Korogocho slum for socially disadvantaged children, moves the entire Kenyan football! Football gives these children so much! It is a school of life and character training, thereby improving the future prospects of the children! For me, it’s exactly what football is all about.”

Eric Johanna Omondi

National Team Player Kenya

„Taking into account all the activities of ACAKORO, we are convinced that the project represents a sustainable improvement in the living conditions of residents of one of the poorest and most disadvantaged areas of Kenya. ACAKORO is undoubtedly a project that deserves all the support! “

Dr. Christian Fellner

Austrian Ambassador to Kenya

„ACAKORO’s social approach to football makes this project a role model project! It shows how the power of football can positively influence the personality development of young people and change destinies. In addition to football training, ACAKORO offers a considerable number of socially disadvantaged children medical care, school education, food security and home transport. All this ensures a holistic education of the children.”

Nick Mwendwa

Former President of the Football Kenya Federation

“ACAKORO is an inspiring project in one of the most dangerous slums in Kenya. The project work on peacebuilding, violence prevention, gender equality, democracy mediation and human rights, to name a few, is impressive.“

Daniel Baheta, PhD

Head of Education, UNICEF Kenia (2010-2018)