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“All I have learnt in life about moral or obligations of man, I owe to football.”

Albert Camus

Football is more than a sport! Football, as much as we at ACAKORO understand, is characterized by the transmission of social values. Football serves as a life skill at ACAKORO. Each training session aims to teach the children what is important not only on, but especially off the football pitch.

In football, one follows rules – like in life!

In football, one wins and loses – but one should never give up.

In football, success results from team spirit – one achieves more together than alone!

In football, one respects their opponent, their team members and themselves!

In football, one must always give their best – and he/she that always give their best in life, leads a successful life!

In football, fair play is paramount – a good person always behaves fairly!

In football, one needs self-confidence – only with self-confidence can one achieve their life goals!

In football, one must overcome setbacks – but there will always be a second chance!

In football, people should help each other, in order to achieve a common goal!

In football, one has to be punctual!

In football, one should always avoid violence – in life, one should always act non-violently.

In football, one needs passion and enthusiasm – this is the only way to achieve your goals on and off the pitch!